Home Sweet Home Manchester


Manchester knows how to do great food. Whenever I have the pleasure of visiting this indie city I have to pay a visit to my favourite spot, Home Sweet Home.

The very thought of stepping into this place gets me as excited as a puppy waiting to fetch a ball. Their towering cakes, outrageous soda floats and extravagant milkshakes are guaranteed to make your jaw drop to the floor. The place is filled with the mates you always wanted and the staff make you feel part of the gang.

The menu is full of some incredible American dishes. It’s comfort food like you’ve never experienced it before. Chicken, waffles, fries, cheese, bacon: you’ll put on three pounds just walking past. To eat here you may need to spend an hour or so extra in the gym, but believe me – it’ll be effing-jeffing worth it.


Like screaming girls at a Libertines concert, the super cool atmosphere begs for some denim. Think Urban Outfitter’s window display mixed with their infamous vintage shops and you really can’t go wrong.


I love the 70s so my denim was an indigo kick flare. I bravely wore some garish silver ankle boots (they turned some heads), a floral blouse and my beloved vintage suede jacket. It’s an item that’s seen some better (much cooler) days, but I just can’t seem to part with it. Even after taking a trip through the washing machine it’s still my number one.


Until next time, peace x


Top – Primark, £11. Jeans – Topshop, £42. Jacket – Beyond Retro, £40. Silver Boots – ASOS, £35.  


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