Infamous Diner Manchester

Diners are so up my street. I love everything about them: the shockingly red booths, the 50s music, the huge laminated menus, the pancakes, the milkshakes, well basically, all the Goddamn food.


I can try and pretend I didn’t visit almost every diner I passed when I was up North but who am I kidding? I have an unhealthy obsession with hard shakes and if you can’t consume a potent mixture of milk and alcohol on your holiday then when the hell can you drink it?

If you wanna dress up to the nines then you’re probably in the wrong kinda place. This ain’t no Hilton honey. My advice, keep it cool. It’s about ripped denim and worn to death leather jackets (well mine is pleather but I’m working on that).

The Infamous Diner was was one of the highlights of the trip. I tried a corn dog for the first time, if I had the metabolism I feel I deserve, rather than the one I actually have, I would eat one every day.




Their hard shakes were just something else. Nothing sticks a stiff middle finger up to the world of clean eating like their Baileys Cheesecake shake. A glorious mixture of Baileys, Oreo crumb, chocolate and vanilla ice cream (£7). I really wouldn’t recommend this as a staple part of your diet but as a dirty one night stand – go for it.

Until next time, peace and kisses




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