Celebrating Lost and Found Items in Dirty Martini, Angel

Drunk Lindsey decided that she didn’t need her purse last week and left it in a pub, down the back of a sofa (don’t worry I won’t be talking in the third person again).

If you’ve ever lost anything like this before then you know that it’s not (what little) cash that bothers you, it’s the all important rail, student, bank, staff cards that hold the most value. It was also a rather attractive looking purse too. In a desperate attempt to put things right I imagined it turning up, a trick I learned in a self-help book once and asked the Universe for it to be returned. I wish I was joking about that bit, it makes me seem like a crackpot but somehow it worked, the pub contacted me a couple of days later to say it had been found.

I collected it with my BFF Philippa and we decided to celebrate. We found ourselves on the look out for a happy hour at 4pm on a Thursday (a bit early, I know) in Angel. We came across Dirty Martini, their cocktails were half price from 4pm-12am, so we literally took a running jump at the turquoise coloured door.


That’s Phil looking like the sassy diva we all know and love.



It’s been super cold this week so I was looking for a wintery flavour, which I found in the chai pear martini. The vodka, chai tea syrup, Frangelico hazelnut liqueur, demerara Gomme syrup, egg white, lime juice and pear was like winter morning in a glass and the fig and almond that Philippa went for was like a cosy night in with Beefeater Gin, Disaronno Amaretto, Briottet Crème de Figue, orgeat syrup, fresh pear juice, fresh lime juice and dried fig.




Since it was a Thursday I was dressed pretty casual and I had come straight from school. I wore a tartan cold shoulder dress I recently purchased from ASOS, I go on and off tartan so it’s hard to say if I will be a fan of this dress in a couple of months time because it could easily be worn any time of year.





To say we were a little bit merry after a couple of these would be an understatement. How the rest of the night went…. Well, I will leave that to your wonderful imagination….


Until next time, peace and kisses


Outfit – Dress, ASOS £39,



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