Great Coffee in Covent Garden

Covent Garden on a Sunday morning can be as much fun as removing your eyeballs from their socket and rubbing them up and down a piece of sand paper.

Finding a good coffee shop with a place to sit can be equally as unpleasant.

When it’s busy London doesn’t really bother me, but I still do my best to avoid the tourist traps. Covent Garden has to be one of them. Unless you want a Bella Italia, Pizza Express, or a restaurant super rammed and outrageously expensive, you’ll be hard pushed to find somewhere decent to go.

After a bit of exploring, I spotted Covent Garden Grind. The sight of empty tables made me happier than Tinky Winky when the static appears on the screen of his belly.


There are a few of these about town so I knew exactly what I was in for, a great bloody coffee. I went for a soy cappuccino and of course, when it arrived I was not disappointed.



My outfit was pretty simple, it was cold out so I had a good excuse to wear my red jumper. Seriously, I’ve not taken this thing off. I’m totally loving red at the moment, I matched it with some bright red lipstick and bright red nails. I felt a bit like I was going to a fancy dress party as a crayon but, looking like I’m in a costume has never stopped me before.



I wore my Primark denim skirt and the warmest fleece jacket from Uniqlo. These are totally hipster now, I’m pretty sure my Dad has one or two very similar, but I love it when something on trend can actually keep you warm. If I could get one in every colour I totally would.



I look grumpy as a bear with a sore head in this photo but believe me, it was the best of a very bad bunch. A very special thanks to my BFF Aamir for putting up with me and my complaining.

Until next time, peace and kisses

Outfit – Denim Skirt, Primark £12, Red Jumper, New Look £15.99, Beige Fleece, Uniqlo £39.



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