Coffee Works Project

CoffeeWorks on Blackfriars road is my happy place. I spent a long time cycling past it on my way to uni before I actually went in. When I finally got my size 5 feet through the door I was kicking myself, wondering why the hell I’d left it so long.



There are five reasons I love this place.

  1. The coffee is amazing.
  2. The food on offer is incredible and they do dairy and gluten free.
  3. Their chilli hot chocolate.
  4. The architecture of the building. It’s beautiful and lets in so much light.
  5. The staff. They’re super friendly and happy to let you sit there working all afternoon.



I wore my black and white gingham top tucked into my red leather skirt. Gingham is set to be just about everywhere next season and I love it. It’s a really nostalgic pattern, it reminds me of tablecloths in fairytales, my teenage bedroom and the high school uniform worn on Home and Away.

A red leather skirt can be a bit of a no-go for some people and I can see why, if you get it wrong you can end up looking like your Cat Slaters other long-lost daughter. I think the matt finish to this one keeps it classy and as long as it’s paired with a jumper or shirt it’s fine, the Eastenders casting company won’t come knocking.



Until next time, peace and kisses

Outfit – Red Skirt, Topshop £35, Shoes, Topshop £69, Gingham Shirt, Topshop £32


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