Dirty Burger

Sometimes you have to give into temptation.

London seems to be inundated with gym freaks and clean eaters these days and quite frankly, it’s pissing me off.

I’m all for being healthy but I don’t want to be told ‘you should go to the gym’ or ‘that’s bad for you’ by someone I barely know. Life is for living.

So, if you want to eat a burger on a rainy Sunday afternoon and you wanna have fries, then go for it. There are far worse things to feel guilty about.

All I ask is that you do it properly and in a place like Dirty Burger, you can sure as hell do just that.


These Burger shops have spread like wildfire across London, but I picked Exmouth Market for my sins.


From the outside, there doesn’t look like much space, however down some steep steps (bare this in mind when choosing footwear) there are plenty of tables, a bar and board games to try and persuade your friends not to play.

The menu is nice and simple, I went for the Not So Dirty (£6) burger (just to avoid the butter, sadly dairy isn’t my greatest friend) and some sweet potato fries (£4). The portion of sweet potato fries was really generous and I ended up force feeding them to my friends.


My burger was fantastic, the bun was soft, it had a perfect amount of gherkins and the beef was tasty. The only problem – I just couldn’t stump the pang of jealousy when I saw the veggie burger with rocket bursting out the side, It just looked so good. I will be trying this next time.


I’ve been drawing a lot of inspiration from blogger Sara Louise (link below to her blog), I love her hippie style and I’ve been trying to channel it as best I can. I’ve been experimenting with flared sleeves and lots of floral patterns.



The top was described as a dress on the ASOS website but I layered it over my jeans as it was effing short. It’s always best to try and preserve at least some of my dignity and to save the rest of London from seeing what I had for breakfast.

Until next time, peace and kisses

Outfit – Top ASOS, Boots ASOS, Kick Flares Topshop








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