Romeo’s Bakery, Upper Street. London’s Sugar-Free Bakery

I am my own worst enemy, I’m not really supposed to have any dairy but I’m so crap at sticking to this because the minute I see Pizza I need to eat it. All of it. But, I’m trying to be more healthy this week (which also means no alcohol).

The perfect place to be a little more health conscious and tummy friendly is Romeo’s Bakery on Upper Street. It’s a specialist bakery that is completely sugar-free.


I decided to go for a sandwich. To be very honest, I wasn’t going to be trying a cake (sugar-free or otherwise), considering the copious amounts of alcohol I’d had on the weekend.


I know, I know, it’s not the most attractive looking avocado and salmon sandwich in the world and my poor photography skills didn’t really help the little guy out either, but it did taste great. Gluten free bread can often leave you wondering why you even bothered in the first place, but not this stuff. It was homemade, rustic and fluffy.

On each table was sugar-free ketchup and brown sauce, which ok, doesn’t go with avocado and salmon, but I just wanted to see how they compared to the real deal. The brown sauce is absolutely amazing, I need to get me some of this at home.

So, like I promised I’ve gone and got myself some new jeans. No more posts about my indigo kick flares, well, for the time being anyway.

I ordered some black, frayed hem, kick flare jeans (wow, what a mouthful that was) from ASOS. Warning to all, when I bought these in my usual size, I could not for the life of me get them past my ass and after about twenty minutes of trying and my self-esteem in tatters, I ordered the next size up.



On my little ASOS haul, I also purchased a flared sleeve black jumper with a choker collar. Of all the items, I thought this would definitely be the one to go back, but I was really happy when I tried it on. That’s right, you should never judge a book by its collar.


Now, you know how I feel about wearing all black, so I added my bright red shoes for a pop of colour, which looked really sassy poking out under the frayed hem. These shoes are so comfortable and I get to feel like Dorothy all fucking day.

Until next time, peace and kisses

Outfit – Jumper ASOS, Jeans ASOS, Shoes Topshop,



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