Why I Can’t Go For Dinner..

How many times have you fallen head over heels in love?

How many times have you found the one?  The one that’s going to change your life forever. Obviously, I’m not talking about a member of the opposite (or same) sex, I’m talking about coats.

This unhealthy obsession is just like any relationship. At first, you can’t get enough. You wanna wear it all day every day. But then, a new coat comes along. A more attractive, attentive and funny coat. A coat that makes you feel like a fucking rock star. Leaving you thinking what the hell you ever saw in the first coat to begin with.

Stupidly, I let myself go into the vintage shop on Holloway Road and of course, I found the most beautiful, vintage, brown suede coat. The coat that was going to make my life complete.

Playing hard to get, I left it there, secretly knowing I’d be right back the next morning, money on the counter, and butterflies in my tummy. My haggling skills are useless so I had to pay the full price, but for a real suede coat, it was still a bargain at £65.


So, this is the reason I can’t go to dinner. In an attempt to feel less guilty I have vowed to not spend money on anything else for the rest of my life. Ever.


I can already sense you aren’t taking me seriously…..  and there is that new cocktail bar just down the road. I mean, a coat like this was born to be seen.


Oh, I’m so glad you agree.

Until next time, peace and kisses

Coat – Blue 17, Holloway Road






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