Natural Kitchen, Healthy Food In London

You can spend nearly three years in a place, calling it your home and still find things that surprise you. natural-kitchen-london-receipt-waterloo

Today, I realised that the Natural Kitchen was not part of the History museum, was not a utensil shop, nor does it sell books. It is, in fact, a restaurant and deli (all this would be a little bit more embarrassing if I was a food blogger or something). It must have been the handsome little duck on the sign, he’s always just been so distracting.

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Anyway, I digress. I went here because I was in search of something healthy for dinner. As products of the media, we’re subjected to this yo-yo lifestyle of ‘eat everything in sight, smother it in duck fat, cover it in chocolate, there better be sweets in that gravy and honey on that veg’ before Christmas. To then be told, ‘you are fat and lazy, alcohol is the devil and sitting is a sin, you can only eat air, there are even calories in that water’ post new year. So it’s hard to not want to be health conscious by the time January and February are in full swing.

The Natural Kitchen has gluten free options and their al la carte menu is bursting with salads you’ll actually want to try.

I went for the soup of the day – chorizo, chicken and butter bean, with sourdough bread. I was hoping it would warm me up since the weather outside was quite frightful.

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The soup was rich and full of flavour, with generous amounts of diced chicken and large cubes of chorizo. There was a tiny cuddle for your insides with every bite.  I wasn’t even a little bit sorry about the burger across the table not belonging to me.

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The deli food looked amazing and I couldn’t help but gawp at all the natural and guilt-free products on the way out. I’m going to be in a rush to go back.

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Uniform has refreshed in work, sod Christmas and birthdays – this is my most favourite time(s) of year. I was in need of some flat black boots, all my boots are heels and I wanted something flat that wasn’t a trainer to go to places like Natural Kitchen. So I still feel dressed up, but then I’m not damaging my feet, back, calves etc..

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So I settled for these, the leather is nice and soft. I imagine they will be so comfy.. but will it stop me wearing heels? We shall see, we shall see..

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