Hampton Court, Henry’s Kitchen

Venturing out of London, even by a few miles, has to be done from time to time. This weekend I had the pleasure of visiting Henry in Hampton Court. It was a nice break from uni work and a chance to get some cute pictures (shame it was such a grey day). Most of my time has been spent bent over my laptop, constructing sentences, so the stroll along the river gave me a new lease of life.


I visited Henry’s Kitchen, a restaurant in the heart of the village and grabbed a coffee, which comes with a biscotti on the side, you just don’t get that anymore so I was more than pleased. The food being knocked up in the kitchen looked so good I was kicking myself for having already eaten.


My shoes got a bit muddy from the riverside, so I’d be careful of this next time. I wore my favourite cardigan, which is a hand-me-down from my Mum. I know I will keep this one forever. The wool is a bit itchy, but the colour is so beautiful I’m willing to put up with a scratch or two.


I’ve been plaiting my hair before bed to give it that boho wave, it’s a good way of stopping me damaging it with over-styling and gives it some much-needed volume. I kept my make-up natural (well, for me) to fit in with that Sunday walking crowd. Yeah, yeah, I know. Who the hell am I kidding, right?

Until next time, peace and kisses

Outfit – Top – Topshop, Mom Jeans – Topshop, Boots – Topshop, Cardigan – Mum’s hand-me-down



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