Don’t Forget About Your Hands: Nail Wraps They’re Bloody Easy

As a style enthusiast, I think about everything: from the shade on my eyelids to the colour of the band on my socks. No part of me gets forgotten or left behind, which is why chipped nail varnish is the bane of my life.

Hands are usually a very big part of eating dinner, you hold your drink with them, grab your knife and fork, point out things from the menu (you get my point). So, doing all this with nail varnish that looks like it was applied four years ago by a three-year-old is, well, it’s shit. I’ve tried nail oils, hand cream, cheap varnishes, expensive varnishes, regular filing, all resulting in the same thing: chipped ugly nails. Which is why I was so bloody excited when I discovered nail wraps – Jamberry nail wraps to be precise.


These nail wraps have come down from the heavens and answered my little prayers, not only are the designs amazing, but they are also super easy to do and make hanging around waiting for your nails to dry a thing of the past.


For my first go, I went for the leopard print design as an accent nail. It’s a clear design so I painted my nails bright blue first and then stuck them over the top.


I can’t begin to tell you how much time it didn’t take me – like less than 30 seconds each nail, I swear. The sticker also acts as a protective layer, keeping the nail varnish underneath intact. I am BALLIN’


I’ve linked the website below so you can try them out too, get them from Lauren – she will hit you up.  I’ll be posting pictures of the next ones I try out on my Instagram, so give a girl a follow @lindsey_isla


In the meantime, I’m off to stare at my beautiful, unchipped, spotted nail.

Until next time, peace and kisses








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