Being Single & Why It’s Great

So slightly different to my usual posts, but it is kind of (loosely) related to food and fashion.

So with the big V-day out the way for another year, it’s all about Single Awareness Day and if you didn’t know, yep, I’m a single pringle.

Having had a string of relationships, this year was my first V-day as a member of the lonely hearts club in a long time. I call it the lonely hearts club because that’s exactly what the red roses, facebook posts and restaurant bookings made it feel like. But, I’m not one to dwell on the negative, I try and see the cup half full, or at least, with the potential to be half-full when it’s looking half-empty. So here it is, my list of why it’s so great to be single:

  1. You can eat where and when you want (see, food, told you). If you wanna try that new restaurant you walked past, you can try it. No need to wait for the other half’s ‘permission’. avocado
  2. You don’t have to spend money on food in the fridge that you don’t eat. I’ve spent years buying tomatoes and I can’t fucking stand them.
  3. Dating is fun, I always said I would never use Tinder but it’s actually ace. I’ve met some amazing people that have transformed my life, it’s restored my faith in humanity and reminded me that people are actually fascinating. Just don’t go into it with too high expectations, or hoping to find love (not that I’m ruling it out). Oh and of course, stay safe, meet in a public place, tell someone where and who you’re going with. mocktails-for-teetotallers-in-london
  4. You can wear what you want to wear, there’s no one to impress but yourself. You don’t have to rely on someone else’s opinion as to whether you look good that day or not. You can just be you. outfit-striped
  5. You can listen to your music when you want, where you want, as loud as you want – if like me, you’re obsessed with music and every movement you make needs a soundtrack, then this one is a biggie. So turn the fucking song up!
  6. You don’t have to pretend you don’t like watching reality TV, you can finally watch MIC in real time and not when your other half has gone to work.
  7. You can sleep like a starfish.
  8. You’ll never be more spontaneous. Being single turns you into the ‘yes man’. You’ll find yourself in the weirdest most absurd situations and it’s great. They’ll be times you’ll remember forever and ever. Like the time I got my car stuck up a mountain… white-cube
  9. You get to love yourself. It’s the best time to find out how strong your team of me, myself and I, actually is. I promise it will surprise you.
  10. You don’t know who tomorrow brings, Mr/Mrs Right could be in the corner shop, could be the new kid in work, could be the one you spilt beer over in the club, it could be a friend of a friend at an engagement party. Finding love is magical and you’ve still got it all to come.


Until next time, peace and kisses


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