Free Friday: Jackie

‘Free Friday’ is a day I veer off topic from my usual food and fashion posts. I will be writing about anything and everything- it’s a free for all.

This week I’m writing about the film Jackie.

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Sobbing in front of a bathroom mirror, wiping her dead husband’s blood from her face, screaming at Bobby in the office and breaking down to the reporter in her home: All of these moments are executed brilliantly by Natalie Portman, but it’s the moments that she appears hollow, like her soul has been sucked out by a runaway train, where the real triumph for Portman’s performance lies.

You can feel it, it emanates through the screen, right into the pit of your own stomach creating a little black hole. You want to reach out and hold her up, it’s a surprise she can still stand and yet, she has to, she has children to watch, a funeral to plan and a big white house to move out from.

The cameras are claustrophobically close to Portman during the film, creating an atmosphere so gut-wrenchingly uncomfortable, you wonder if you should look away. It’s a well known story but her pain and suffering, if taken out of context, would still work for an audience. Her grief is relatable and real for any woman who’s felt any type of loss, for anyone who’s been crippled by the terrifying weight of sadness.

I could go on about the wonderful clothing by Madeline Fontaine, the beautiful soundtrack by Mica Levi and the perfect cinematography by Stéphane Fontaine but if stripped back to just actress and story, it would still deserve my praise.




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