Ma’Plucker Soho – Healthy Places to Eat Out

I’m trying to restore my gym body, so I’ve cut back on alcohol, carbs and sugar – I know, it’s as boring as it sounds. But, if you know what to pick and where to go, then eating out can be guilt-free.


Chicken shops are all the rage at the moment and chicken is a pretty safe bet when it comes to healthy eating. Well, as long as you stay away from the deep-fried KFC stuff. Which is why Ma’Plucker, Soho is your new best friend.


They serve chicken three ways: rotisserie, pulled and crispy coated with a choice of sauce and base (salad, waffle or brioche bun).


My pal and I shared the rotisserie chicken with a side of salad, Slaw, BBQ sauce and Chipotle Chilli Sauce. The chilli sauce was a lot milder than expected so any of you fire eaters out there, just bare this in mind. It was incredibly tasty, especially after my dry as a bone chicken I’d been serving up for breakfast, lunch and dinner the week before.


The tiny restaurant has a great vibe, with good music and staff as bright and cheerful as the wallpaper. Oh, and the bill for two people came to just £21!!!


I was here on a Tuesday evening, wearing my gingham blue blouse, MOM jeans, although they’ve seen much better days and my maroon leather jacket. I’m a big fan of maroon and light blue together, so I sacrificed my warmth to wear this jacket – and it was worth it.



I went for a pattern clash with my striped fur scarf, I’m just so edgy like that.. LOL. img_1912img_1914img_1819

The detailing on the sleeve of this blouse and the balloon sleeves are just adorable, I even have it in red but, shhhhhh.. don’t tell anyone. img_1812

Until next time, peace and kisses

Outfit – Jacket – ASOS, Blouse – Topshop, Jeans – Topshop, Boots – Topshop, Scarf – H&M



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