Aobaba, Elephant and Castle

The last time I owned a pair of converse I was a 15-year-old emo kid with green hair and a studded belt (oh the shame), but the Instagrammers I regularly perve on have made me crave this laced-up shoe.


BOY – these things have gone up in price since I was a wee one, luckily I’ve sold the contents of my wardrobe on eBay so I had some spare cash.


Their first outing was to the local Vietnamese place, Aobaba, at the end of my street. It has to be said, Elephant and Castle has some right gems. This canteen style restaurant attracts lots of students and backpackers, so my feet were right at home in my black and white sneakers.

Bubble tea is such a love/hate thing for so many people and I totally love it, I could drink it every day whereas one friend described it to me as ‘the juice of satan’.


My king prawn fried rice was absolutely HUGE, it could have easily shared this between two or three people. Make sure you come here with a big appetite, or you’ll be left defeated by portion size.




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