Elephant and Castle Pub, Newington Causeway

Everyone in the Elephant and Castle pub always looks as though they’re having the time of their lives. I’ve walked past this place often, longingly looking into the windows at the groups of twenty-somethings with their gangs of friends.

It’s a prime location, just opposite the tube station and UAL – the outside area is going to be the ideal spot to chill in the summer.


Finally, with some mild bribery, I managed to drag one of my friends south of the river to enjoy what the Elephant and it’s infamous roundabout had to offer.


Of course, you can probably tell from the pictures how incredible the food was.

Occasionally, eating a scotch egg can be like trying to devour sand, with the sausage casing absorbing all moisture from your mouth. This one, however, was perfect, even down to the runny yolk in the middle.


Calamari & Chorizo


Chicken in a Red Pepper Sauce


Sweet Potato Wedges

I went all out to fit in with the student/hipster vibe for the E&C pub, with my jeans and converse combo channelling an American teenager from the 80s, all I was missing was a Gameboy and bad skin. My t-shirt advertised my love for Stranger Things – one of the best TV series from 2016 (can’t wait for the second one).



Until next time, peace and kisses



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