The Tommyfield, Kennington

One of the best places in Kennington is the Tommyfield. It’s literally the King of gastro pubs.


I spend more time here than I do in my own home (ok, a bit of a lie). It’s got the three ‘greats’ –  great food, great atmosphere, great staff and there is always a table.

Their newest dish is the lamb tagine, which I’m a huge fan of. Moroccan food is one of the things I live for, it’s that mixture of sweet and savoury which just knocks me off my size 5 feet.


My pal went for the steak with peppercorn sauce and sweet potato fries, which I’m happy to report was just as tasty as it always is.


The other great thing about this pub, it gives you an excuse to dress up. Not saying you have to go to town, but you can put on that nice top, or wear those new jeans and not feel like they’ve gone to waste.

I wore my culotte style, denim dungarees. I’m not totally sold on these just yet, depending on which angle I catch myself at in the mirror I either love or loathe them. Sometimes the wide leg can add a few inches, but if I saw them on someone else I would 100% want them, so I try and remember that when I’m being judgy.


Let me know what you think in the comments below…

Until next time, peace and kisses


Outfit  – Dungarees – ASOS, Top – Topshop, Converse – ASOS


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