The Travel Cafe, Holloway Road

The travel cafe popped up on Holloway Road not so long ago; opening its blue door to the public. It’s a stunning little coffee shop and since it’s just across from my uni I thought it was best to give it a try.


They serve the usual coffee, cake and tea options but they also serve matcha and pumpkin matcha lattes. I just had to get the pumpkin one since I’m always up for trying new things.

I can’t say that next time I would be in a rush to get one over my usual soy cappuccino, however, I’m still glad I tried it. I also got those pumpkin health benefits and what-not.

Stupidly, I thought it was warm enough to wear my leopard print jacket. It wasn’t. I spent the day freezing my backside off.



Red and leopard print are always going to be a winning combination; even if it’s just a red lip – let’s all bring out our inner Eastender.


These shoes are my most recent purchase, I got the on SALE from Topshop (go, go, go). I don’t think I will be out of them this summer. The platform makes your legs look longer; they are mighty comfortable and look ace with a statement sock – my go-to’s are usually glittery.


I hate having my toes out; I feel so exposed; so I always, always, always, wear socks and sandals. It’s been my favourite trend for a good couple of years now. It also means you can wear summer shoes in spring. Hurrah!

What do you think? Would you wear socks and sandals?

Until next time, peace and kisses

Outfit – Jumper – New Look, Shoes – Topshop, Glitter Socks – Primark, Leopard Jacket – River Island (in about 2010 – no joke)




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