Free Friday: OCD


This week I’ve been geeking out and watching documentaries. One that particularly stood out to me was the BBC Week In Week Out doc ‘OCD – An Actor’s Tale’.

It’s so important to show the real extent of this illness. Someone very close to me suffers with OCD so I find it irritating how ‘fashionable’ this illness has become. Throw away comments like ‘I’m OCD’ or ‘that’s my OCD’ infuriates me and I hold myself back from shouting ‘you don’t have a clue’. OCD is NOT just you wanting your desk tidy or washing your hands after you’ve eaten a sandwich.

Being able to open up about mental health is a great thing and I think it’s important to be educated about it. I’m glad the conversations are happening.

I’ve included the link below if you wanna give it a watch too!





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