70s Obsession

Nostalgia has hit and everyone’s infected. The era of lava lamps, bean bag chairs and Bowie fans breaking through security to blow glitter at him is back.

My 70s obsession stems from watching Almost Famous which is, in my opinion, one of the greatest films ever made. The coming of age tale with about as much sex, drugs, rock and roll I could ever wish for, tied together with the most perfect amount of suede, denim and crochet knitwear.

The boho/rocker vibe is an easy style to pull off in the summer, and a uniform of denim and horizontal stripes is perfect from dusk till dawn or dawn till dusk – have it your way. The colour palette of burnt orange, navy and brown is in every shop on the high street (making all my clothing wishes come true) since it first appeared on the catwalks for Spring/Summer 2015. Before breaking the bank like I have/will/did check out your Mum’s wardrobe, or even your Dad’s, you might just be surprised.

So exams are over, the sun is out, I’m going to sit in a field somewhere and swig Jack Daniels from the bottle. Won’t you join me?

Peace out man.


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